La Folie des grandeurs is a film Franco-italo-germano-Spanish realized by Gerard Oury, very strongly inspired of Ruy Blas of Victor Hugo, release to France on December 8th, 1971.

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What follows reveals key moments of the intrigue.
Text not to be read if one wishes to preserve the intrigue.

Don Salluste is a Minister for king of Spain. It is a cheating, hypocritical and covetous being which does itself the collection of the taxes of which it diverts a part with its profit. It is hated by the population which it presses. ("This year, harvest was very bad, then it is necessary to pay the double."; "The poor, it is done to be very poor; and rich person, very rich.")

Shown by the queen to have made an illegitimate child with one of his lady-in-waitings, it deposed of its functions and is condemned to withdraw itself in a monastery. Decided to be avenged, it comes into contact with the brigand César, his nephew, but this last refusing to enter its machination it makes it capture by its henchmen and sends it like slave to Barbaresque. It turns then to Blaze, its servant recently congédié, and decides to be avenged for the royal couple by making it pass for César and by helping it to allure the queen with which it is in love. ("The king cuckold by my servant, it is that my revenge!")
The very same day of its presentation at the court, Blaze thwarts an attack warped against the king by the Large ones of Spain. It attracts itself the favours of the royal couple thus and quickly becomes minister.

According to by far the evolution of the situation, Salluste discovers that the Large ones decided to be avenged for Blaze what is likely to make hood its machination. On its side, Blaze, following a mistake, not declares its flame with the queen but with her Grumbling sound duenna whose sexual craving is thus poked. The situation still becomes complicated with the return of César truth, escaped of Barbaresque…

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